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Free Chess for Windows

At Geeks with Chess we understand that our members will often wish to continue playing chess during times when they lack the internet connection necessary to log into our server. For this reason we are proud to offer our members a free download that will allow you to play chess against varied strength computer opponents. We call this our “Chess to Go” option.

Created by our sister site our chess game offers members many features offered in commercial playing software for free. Challenge our computer opponent in varied strength, save your games in PGN format for later review. Practice your opening moves without affecting your Live Chess Score.

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Download Chess to Go for Free

Chess for Windows Phone 7

Geeks with Chess is proud to offer a new way to enjoy the game of chess, by releasing Chess 2 Go for Windows Phone 7. Enjoy the classic game of chess with various playing strengths, custom board colors and undo functionality. Review your moves later by emailing yourself the game in Portable Game Notation (PGN)

Download Chess 2 Go

Chess 2 Go is availble throught the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace or your Zune software.

Download Chess 2 Go

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