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Custom Online Chess Server specializes in providing custom online chess servers for clients interested in running their own online chess sites. We have several options available. Clients that are not technically skilled can have us host your custom chess server for a small monthly fee. Clients that are skilled in software development have the option to purchase and customize our online chess source code to run on their servers.


Product Cost in US Dollars  
Online Chess Source Code Package including all client website widgets and server source code. $999.99
Custom Chess Server Install Package (no source) including all client website widgets and server. $499.99
1 year of source code updates. $199.99
Custom Room in our live server (No Source Code) $99.99
Free Online Chess for your Site (connects to our server) $0.00 Get the Code

In order for you to run your own chess server you will need a hosting account that supports ASP.NET, .NET Framework 3.5 or higher and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher. offers such servers for as low as 7.92 per month. Click here to view their plans.

All payments can be made via Paypal. Once payment is made our staff will contact you with further information for the product you have purchased.

For more information please contact us by email.

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