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Live Chess Screenshots:

Here are some screenshots from our online chess system.

Main Chat Interface. From this window you can chat invite other chess players to games.

Online Chess

Sending a Chess Game Invite. By clicking on another users PLAY button, you will be presented with the Invite window, that will allow you to select time options as well as display how many ELO points you will lose or gain.

Online Chess

Playing a Chess Game Once a challenge is accepted you will be sent to the game where you can also chat with your opponent.

Online Chess

Game History. Previous games and their PGN can be viewed via the Game History Window.

Online Chess

PGN Viewer. Any previous chess game can be examined in detail move by move.

Online Chess

Vote Chess. Participate in a vote chess game, where chess moves are made based on the number of votes they receive from various players.

Online Chess

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