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Why Join Our Online Chess Server?

Today there are many alternatives to playing online chess. All Windows computers come with free chess software, and most cell phones now have downloadable chess program available. Although these alternatives are great chess practice, they don't really compare to a real time game against a human opponent.

The Excitement

I still remember my first time playing online chess. There was a definite sense of excitement and nervousness. There is no "take back move" option; you really need to consider each move you and your opponent make. There is a real consequence to your actions and the game, mostly because the outcome of the game will have an effect on your rating.

The Rating System

Most online chess systems keep track of your score or rating, often called ELO.

Chess Rating Ranks

The ELO rating system is named after its creator Arpad Elo, a master level chess player. Although the ELO rating system was originally created as an improved chess rating system, today it is used as a rating system for many multiplayer games.

The ELO rating system works by taking into its algorithm not only the result of the chess game, but also the skill of the opponents. This makes for a very fair system as it gives a small penalty for losing to a much better chess player and equally a small gain for beating a much weaker chess player. The opposite is also true as the rating gain for beating a higher ranked player is much higher.

This means that when playing on our online chess server, the system will keep track of your rating in comparison to other players and give a real meaning to the games played. This much more closely mirrors playing at a chess club against a real person. You canít just leave the game, you need to commit to and play it trough.

Real Time Chess

Our chess system offers real time chess. This means that moves happen instantaneously as you and your opponent make them. This perfectly mirrors playing a real chess game with a live opponent sitting across from you.

Real Time Chess

There are many sites that offer internet correspondence chess. This has advantages as it allows you to devote a small amount of time per day to make a single move. However there are significant issues with such systems. First of all it is much easier to cheat when you have 12 hours per move to setup your chess computer and perform move analysis. When this happens you will simply end up playing against a chess computer and not a real human being.

Another real issue is people will often play to the bitter end even if loosing by several pieces just to be annoying. You can see that in their move pattern, they will make a move every few hours when the game is even, and then drop to the last possible second of the 12 hours allowed time when loosing. This means that you might spend a week chasing down an already won game. This is not my idea of fun.

Time Control

Our chess server allows the challenger to set the time each user will have to make their moves. This means that if you set the time to be 20 minutes, each player will have 20 minutes to make all of their moves during the game. Your time starts counting down when it is your turn and stops right after you make your move. If one of the players runs out of time they will lose the game.

Chess Game Invite

You can set the time options as short as 3 minutes a side or as long as 90 minutes per side. Having the choice of quickly logging in and choosing how much time to spend on the game makes things like lunch time chess very possible.

Game Analysis

Our online chess system makes it extremely easy to analyse your previously played games.

Chess Game Analysis

This can be done via several ways. You can actually view your game history and play back each game move by move. This allows you to find and analyse your mistakes for any of your games played on our chess server. Furthermore our chess system allows you to download the PGN (Portable Game Notation) of all your historical games. PGN is accepted by many popular computer chess programs that will help you do some deeper analysis of your games, even exploring alternative variations of your moves.

Free Online Chess

Our chess server is free. There are no hidden fees for membership, extra features. We would like to have you simply log in and play online for free.

Thank you for spending time to get to know us and we hope to see you online soon.

Adam Berent

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